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Anne Frank: A History for Today

Anne Frank was one of more than a million Jewish children murdered during the Holocaust. Her diary gives us insight into her thoughts. This exhibit gives us insight into the family and world events that shaped her life.

Anne lived for nearly two years in a secret annex in Amsterdam, hiding from the Nazis. She kept a diary in which she recorded her fears, dreams and experiences. Anne’s diary, published after her untimely death, is one of the most widely read books after the Bible. Her story has inspired countless children worldwide and is available in 67 languages.

Anne Frank: A History for Today takes you beyond the pages of her diary by providing a wide perspective on the Holocaust, human rights, the Nazis, and the Frank family’s experiences in hiding.

The exhibit is in Spanish and English.

Spring Break Events: March 7 through 25
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Theater Performances: March 18 through 19 at Museum. Conversations with Anne. Two live performances each day
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Exhibit Sponsors: Clampitt Paper, Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District, Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, The Catholic Foundation.


Anne Frank: A History for Today was developed by the Anne Frank House and is sponsored in North America by the Anne Frank Center USA.


Image © AFF Basel / AFS Amsterdam