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Generations includes the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, as well as all those committed to honoring and carrying on the survivors’ legacies.

We believe that we have a moral responsibility to our parents, grandparents and those who perished to make sure that the Holocaust is not forgotten or denied. We are committed to educating our community and future generations by preserving the memories of the past and keeping our families’ voices alive. To join or get additional information email:

The Generations Program

  • Create a database of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, to be used to communicate
    within the group and for Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance events.
  • Provide opportunities to meet, socialize, and enjoy the company of children and grandchildren of
    Holocaust survivors.
  • Organize and implement social and recreational events for Generations members and their families.
  • Organize events for survivors (including annual Purim and Hanukkah parties) and additional events.
  • Preserve memories of the Holocaust and family stories through projects.
  • Convene discussion groups.
  • Create and maintain a network of resources.
  • Maintain a webpage of information on the Museum's website.
  • Develop a second and third generation oral testimony project in collaboration with the Museum's
    education department.

As the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, we accept their legacy as a gift and a call to: Never Forget

As their descendants, the Holocaust is part of our history, too. We can not let anyone deny that our parents, grandparents, and families suffered and survived. Some of our family members became refugees before the war, others were hidden. Some were imprisoned, tortured or murdered. Some of our parents and grandparents resisted, fighting valiantly with homemade weapons to protect themselves, and their families.

All of our families were uprooted and forever changed by the Holocaust. One day it will be our turn to pass their legacy on to our children and grandchildren.

Remember (Zakhor)