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We are expanding our archives and you can help

The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance has commenced the planning process for a greatly expanded permanent exhibit, to be part of a future, new home for the Museum.

We want our exhibit to reflect the experiences of Holocaust survivors, refugees, hidden children, and liberators in North Texas. Thus, we would like to invite you to join us in launching our artifact campaign before the exhibit is fully designed. Of particular interest are documents, photos, artifacts, diaries, travel papers, art, clothing, or almost anything related to: pre-war Jewish life, survival experiences, life in the ghettos, camps, and forests, anti-Semitism, life in the DP camps, post-war resettlement, immigration and the rebirth and continued vitality of Jewish life after the war.

In this campaign, Dr. Sara Abosch Jacobson, our Senior Director of Education, will be the contact person. Please direct any inquiries, questions, and possibilities for artifact donations to her at:
The list that follows contains examples of possible artifacts:
Pre-war life:
 Wedding contracts (ketubbot), Birth certificates, Smicha certificates
 Invitations to circumcisions, bar mitzvahs and weddings
 Hebrew textbooks, Jewish literature published in Hebrew or Yiddish
 Wedding canopies or talesim
 Posters for Jewish cultural events
 Objects related to holidays
 Chevra kadisha items
 Anti-Semitica
 School texts, report cards and diplomas
 Items related to occupations and professions
 Items related to communal and political organizations, such
as the Bund and Zionist organizations

Holocaust and WWII:
 Identification cards
 Programs and tickets from cultural events
 Deportation notices
 Kindertransport tags, tickets or diaries
 Stars and armbands
 Passports and documents marked with “J”
 Reflections of religious and cultural life and friendship and other objects made or used in ghettos and camps (musical instruments, ritual objects, scrapbooks, banners, diaries, newspapers, costumes, artwork, Bund, Zionist youth organization materials, etc.)
 Partisan related materials
 Objects, documents or postcards sent from ghettos
 Objects from the camps including uniforms and clothing, toys, kitchen utensils
 Artwork done by children in camps, ghettos, hiding or exile
 Materials relating to those who rescued, hid or saved Jews
 Materials relating to the G.I. European theatre experience
 Materials relating to the liberation of Holocaust victims

Survival and postwar resettlement in or emigration from Europe, and postwar cultural life:
 Objects from Displaced Persons camps
 Visas, immigration papers
 Items carried on board ships leaving Europe
 Items from Cyprus or otherwise reflecting immigration to Palestine
 Materials reflecting resettlement and the establishment of businesses
 Posters from cultural events
 Objects relating to resettlement in the DFW area and North Texas
 Items related to the recreation of postwar Jewish life (wedding invitations, marriage certificates, birth certificates)

Again, if you have any of the above items and would consider donating them to the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance, please contact Dr. Sara Abosch Jacobson, Senior Director of Education, 214-741-7500, or via email at: Thank you for helping us to build for our collective future.