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From Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO

mph “83.3% of teachers said students are more willing to stand up for others.”

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends of the Museum,

Winter is officially here. En masse, school groups are coming to tour the Museum. Now is a good time to talk about whether we are sparking change in the students’ lives. For years, we collected highly positive anecdotal feedback, cards and letters from students, registry book comments, and teacher’s opinions.

This year, we commissioned Qualitative Research Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) to conduct interviews and surveys and to collect observational data to determine how students were impacted by a visit to the Museum regarding knowledge gained, general attitudes regarding the students’ sense-of-self in society, and students’ behaviors. The QREM Impacts Evaluation Report clearly finds that the Museum “has both immediate and long-term impacts on youth.”

Specifically, after touring the Museum, “students demonstrated increased awareness of the scope and magnitude of the Holocaust and their attitudes regarding oppression and tolerance of different peoples improved.” Based on this study, students indicated positive behavioral changes associated with their perspectives of being a bystander, their responsibilities to society and their sense of what is right compared to what is legal.

We now have short and long term awareness benchmarks for attitudinal and behavioral outcomes from which to gauge our progress going forward. Most importantly, we now have more concrete data to support what we hear from our anecdotal feedback.

The Museum is currently unable to meet the demand for its services. It is not large enough to accommodate the number of requests for school visits. In order to engage more people—particularly young people—in conversations that lead to moral and ethical choices benefiting our society, the Museum must expand its facility and increase its operating resources.

Mary Pat Higgins

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