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The Dallas Holocaust Museum Tribute Program allows donor to honor or memorialize a family member, friend or other loved one. Donations allow us to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and teach the moral and ethical response to prejudice, hatred and indifference. Below are the names of the donors who participated in the tribute program from July through December 2015 along with those they have chosen to recognize. The tributes are listed alphabetically by honoree.


Blake William Birnbrey’s birth, grandson of Sherry and Kenny Goldberg from Regional Hillel of North Texas
Asher Chamoy's Bar Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Stacybeth Cohen's Bat Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Eliana Lazarow's Bat Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Abby Meyers' Bat Mitzvah from Terry and Mike Triedman, and Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Jennifer Mitchell's Bat Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Ryan Newman's Bar Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal
Max Rathfeder’s birth, grandson of Barbara and Stan Rabin from Renee Lubin
in honor of Jolene Risch's birthday from Aaron Minsky
Daphne and David Sydney's anniversary from Julie and David Fields
Joanne and Charles Teichman's anniversary from Julie and David Fields
Carter Weinstein's Bar Mitzvah from Tamar and Arthur Leventhal


Mary Pat Higgins and Museum Staff
from Jason Lalonde and Warren Winkelman

Paul Kessler
from Stephen Kaye, and People’s Bible Class at UCC

Bobbi & Richard Massman
from Charlotte Schuman

Dr. Jimmy Reisman
from Ellen Feibel

Frank & Helen Risch
from Ruth Vernet

Fred Strauss
from Karen and Andy Cohen

Joanne & Charles Teichman
from Carol Marvin

Daniel and Margaret, Michael, Kathleen
from Daniel Flax


Daniel Blake Anderson
from William Burns, Susan and Alan Klein, and Natalie and Lawrence Rosenbloom

Pam Barnes
from Thomas Perryman

*8Marilyn Pear Cooper**
from Joanne & Charles Teichman

Rose Gelderman
from Nola Gold mother of Lauren Goldberg from Susan and Alan Klein

Julian Gollay
from Daniel Flax

Don Golman
from Susan and Alan Klein

Lois Gordon
from Lois Gordon Endowment Fund

Emma Joisin
from Carol and Steve Aaron, Lisa and Jim Albert, Lindsay Applebaum, Eugene Bock, Candy and Ike Brown, Carol Gene and Howard Cohen, Sherrie and Alan Eisenman, Marsha and Nathan Feldman, Judy Foxman, Shirlie Frauman, Linda and David Garner, Courtney Goldberg, Susan and Martin Golman, Cindy and Alan Golman, Marlene Gorin, Bonnie and Michael Grossfeld, Liz and Thomas Halsey,Ynette and Jim Hogue, Lori and Randall Isenberg, Pearlie and Julius Leshin, Wendy and Stephen Lieman, Debbie and Alan Postel, Rita and Mitchell Rasansky, Helen and Frank Risch, Beverly and Cary Rossel, Devorah Rubin, Reginald Sandoval, Celia and Larry Schoenbrun, Florence and Howard Shapiro, Karen and Martin Sosland, Phyllis and Ronald Steinhart, Joanne and Charles Teichman, Kelly and Jacob Unger, Leona and Leon Veeder, Jackie and Steve Waldman, Judy and Bob Yonack, Ethel Zale

Renate Kahn
from Patricia and Joseph Coats, Ynette and Jim Hogue, Marianne McCall, Jane Winer and Monty Strauss, Carol and Peter Winston, and Karen Rosensteel
Sheri Rosenberg Kanter from Susan and Alan Klein

Helen Neuberg
from Gayle Hoffer

Jeffrey Phillips
from Jackie and Steve Waldman

Aaron Prengler
from Forest on the Creek HOA

mother of Carol Rashbaum
from Susan and Alan Klein

father of Kerri Rossel
from Susan and Alan Klein

Anita Sherman
from Susan and Alan Klein

Roger Stanley
from Joanne & Charles Teichman

Phillip Strull
from Mary and Barry Rothschild

Maliette Wolens
from Diane and Mark Fleschler, Ynette and Jim Hogue, Vincent Sorello, Sarah Yarrin and Jack Repp, Jackie and Steve Waldman, Anita and Todd Chanon, and Carol Gene and Howard Cohen

my dad and brother
from Patty Traub

To make a tribute gift, please call 214 741-7500 or visit Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance wishes to join in remembering/honoring the following in 2013: